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SBICAP Trustee Company Limited (STCL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBI Capital Markets Limited (SBICAP) which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Bank of India (SBI).


To stay ahead of the competition through innovative value added services structured on the needs of customers and market dynamics.


To provide continued customer satisfaction by maintaining value driven & positive work attitude and become the leading service provider.


We strive to be fair, dependable and trustworthy in all our interactions, and provide the highest levels of service with dedication and consistency.

Our Services

Explore the world of trusteeship services we offer

Security Trustee

Security Trustee is normally appointed by the lenders/financers while extending finance to their borrower on Multiple Arrangement Basis. Normally in such arrangement, the terms and conditions of sanction of each individual lender may differ but with a common security.

VDR Services

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a series of proprietary extranets that provide an online repository of data. Business organisations typically use a secure Virtual Data Room to share critical information with external customers and partners in a secure and online environment.

Share Pledge Trustee

A specific form of security trusteeship appointed by lenders specifically to ensure creation of pledge of shares as a security and to hold the shares (whether in demat or physical mode) as security.

Debenture/Bond Trustee

Under the applicable SEBI guidelines, in the event of issue Debentures/Bonds having a tenure of 12 months or more, the trustee is required to be compulsorily appointed to ensure; creation of the security, to monitor the payment of interest & redemption of principal, creation of DRR, maintenance of Asset Coverage Ratio etc.

My Will Services

The WILL services of STCL would help in providing the comfort of latest technology, information support and services from legal experts in case of need. As the process is online, the clients get hassle free anywhere, anytime services as well as the facility for reviewing the WILL document online.

Safe Keeper

STCL, as a Safe keeper holds the original documents viz. title deeds, share certificates etc. on behalf of lenders/investors for safe custody. For the purpose, STCL has arrangement with SBI for storing documents in its strongrooms at various centres throughout India.

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