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IMPORTANT : Have a Will- Then you may have a way - Article published in Hindustan business Line newpaper dated 9 march 2017. SBICAP Trustee Company Limited(STCL) or any of its representative never asks for your user id/password/pin number/personal details/advertisement details through phone call/SMS/e-mail. Please do not respond to any such phone call/SMS/e-mail. Any such phone call/SMS/e-mail asking you to reveal your login credentials or One Time Password or any details through phone call/SMS/e-mail could be an attempt to fraudulently divert and divulge information from you. NEVER EVER SHARE THESE DETAILS TO ANYONE.

Welcome to SBICAP Trustee Company Limited

SBICAP Trustee Company Limited (STCL) incorporated in December 28, 2005 is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBI Capital Markets Limited and is registered with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Debenture Trustee. We welcome you to explore the world of trusteeship services STCL has to offer.

What we serve

Security Trusteeship Security
Share Pledge Trusteeship Debenture / Bond
Escrow Trusteeship Safe
  • Security TrusteeshipSecurity Trustee is normally appointed when Lenders / Financers are extending the finance to Borrower on Multiple Arrangement basis or on syndication basis. Normally in such arrangement, the Terms and Conditions of sanction of each individual Bank / Institution may different except common security. learn more...
  • Security AgentThis is an extension of services for creation of security for and on behalf of Lenders. In Agency arrangement trustees provides all sort of logistics for creation of security i.e. get the possession of Title Deeds, carry out search, carry out lis-pendens (i.e. Pending litigation), carry out valuation of securities, payment of appropriate stamp duty, vetting of documents and creation of security in favour of Lenders. learn more...
  • Share Pledge TrusteeshipLenders appoint Trustee to hold the shares(in demat / physical mode) as security on their behalf. Share Pledge Trustee is often appointed as Monitoring Agent for valuation of shares and calculating Asset Coverage Ratio. learn more...
  • Debenture / Bond TrusteeshipWherever any Company issues the Debenture / Bonds for a period over 12 months, it needs to compulsorily appoint Debenture / Bond Trustee. Main purpose / role of appointing Debenture / Bond Trustee is to create security on behalf of all the investors of Debentures / Bonds, to monitor the payment of interest & principal, creation of DRR, maintenance of Asset Coverage Ratio etc... learn more...
  • Escrow TrusteeshipNormally when transaction is based on certain happening an Escrow Agent i.e. impartial party is appointed as Escrow Agent. For example, in case of takeover / merger case, Escrow Agent monitors the transfer of shares against payment / fulfillment of certain agreed conditions. learn more...
  • Safe KeeperWe STCL, as a Safe keeper hold the original documents viz. title deeds, share certificates etc. on behalf of Lenders/investors for safe custody. We are having safekeeping arrangement at various centres throughout India. learn more...

MyWill Services Online

The WILL services of STCL would help in providing the comfort of latest technology, information support and services from legal experts in case of need.